What We Do


We will develop the interfaces to your data. We support a wide range of connectors: Text/CSV, Excel, Access, Salesforce, Oracle, MS-Sql Server, to name a few. These can be real-time or a scheduled data feed.


We will provide the infrastructure to store your data (data warehouse) in a secure environment. We will store up to 1TB of your data - pretty much hundreds of millions of rows of data.


We will provide you a graphically rich Dashboard and Analytics platform which can be accessed via any web browser on your desktop or smart-device. Interactive graphs help you to understand your data.


We provide skilled analysts and developers that have many years of experience building and designing business analytics and dashboards.

4 Apr 14
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HealthCare.gov Explorer - WSJ.com

See the rates for health plans available through HealthCare.gov, the federal insurance exchange. Many consumers will also be eligible for federal subsidies to help buy coverage through the exchanges, and may pay lower rates. Plans are labeled Catastrophic, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum depending on the level of coverage.

19 Mar 14
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3-Minute Win: Hospital Admissions Data
Sasha creates a dashboard with hospital admissions data, including information about length of stay, patient zip code, and clinical unit. She does it in 2 minutes and 48 seconds.