What We Do


We will develop the interfaces to your data. We support a wide range of connectors: Text/CSV, Excel, Access, Salesforce, Oracle, MS-Sql Server, to name a few. These can be real-time or a scheduled data feed.


We will provide the infrastructure to store your data (data warehouse) in a secure environment. We will store up to 1TB of your data - pretty much hundreds of millions of rows of data.


We will provide you a graphically rich Dashboard and Analytics platform which can be accessed via any web browser on your desktop or smart-device. Interactive graphs help you to understand your data.


We provide skilled analysts and developers that have many years of experience building and designing business analytics and dashboards.

8 Aug 14
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The Beginner’s Guide to Reddit | Mashable Explains.
I really need to start using Reddit!!

7 Aug 14
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INTRODUCING: The littleBits cloudBit
The littleBits cloudBit is the easiest way to snap the internet to anything!

28 Jun 14

Ingo Mierswa, RapidMiner CEO on “Predaction” and Key Turning Points

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3 Simple Principals:
Predaction, Collaboration and Simplicity.

"Predaction" represents the fact that, contrary to popular belief, the biggest value of predictive analytics is not in high-level predictions, but rather in performing millions of micro-predictions and acting on them.

"What is the weather predaction for tomorrow?" - "I will bring my umbrella!"

Umbrellas and Rain The value is not in the knowledge that it is going to rain; the true value lies in determining the best option for you when this happens.

"Collaboration" means that we offer teams of people with different backgrounds a white board on which they can express their ideas on data integration, transformation, and modeling and turn them into reality with a single click.
- The business analyst is often in the driver’s seat. But if business users can contribute the business problem, then data scientists are freed up from standard tasks and can focus on the specialized algorithms where needed, and IT professionals can contribute the data and control access rights.

"Simplicity" means that everybody can create predictions and predactions within just a few minutes. We identified a speed-up of up to a factor of 40-50 times compared to pure scripting approaches for data integration, transformation, modeling, deployment and maintenance.

Read the full interview By Ajay Ohri, in DecisionStats, June 2014. 


17 Jun 14
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BIC - Universal Typeface Experiment

With all its distinctive squiggles and lines, edges and curves, our handwriting is something very unique. But what would it look like if someone unified the handwritings of as many people as possible, and from all over the world, into one typeface?

24 May 14
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Don’t build a better [something].
Build a better user of [something].


How do we help our customers build better solutions!

14 May 14
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It doesn’t matter how good your idea is, if you can’t convince others it won’t get off the ground

Richard Branson

13 May 14
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A crow sat on a tree doing nothing.
When a rabbit thought to do the same and sat on the ground.
A tiger came and ate the rabbit.
Moral of the story: To sit and do nothing…
You need to be at the TOP.


2 May 14
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Susan Crawford on Why US Internet Access is Slow, Costly, and Unfair. It is crazy that the country that created the Internet is now middle of the pack with regard to access and bandwidth for it’s citizens. BillMoyers.com